Bex Runner is dedicated to offering you with superior quality, thorough and objective health info. While we are a for-profit business that accepts and is supported in part by sponsorships and paid advertising, we acknowledge the value of preserving a clear separation in between our editorial content and sponsorships. All ads and sponsored content are plainly marked as such on the website.

Unlike much of the health info readily available on the Internet, our company believe that clear separation in between the editorial content and sponsorships/advertising is vital to supplying precise and objective info. We are also selective in the sponsors and advertising we accept.

Our sponsorship and advertising policy, which applies to Bex Runner and our newsletters, is as follows:

Bex Runner keeps a clear separation in between editorial and sponsorship/advertising procedure and choice making; existing or prospective sponsors and marketers might not determine the type or substance of the editorial content appearing on Bex Runner.

Bex Runner does not represent any sponsored or marketed content on the website as Sports-health’s own editorial content.

Sponsor and marketer messages and content are plainly recognized.

We will plainly differentiate sponsorships and ads from health info content, using recognizing words (such as “sponsored,” “marketer,” and so on), design, or positioning. Bex Runner readers must have the ability to easily compare marketing and editorial product.

Bex Runner does not back the content of any third-party website. Bex Runner is not accountable for the content of links, third-party websites, or third-party ads or claims, and does not make any representations concerning their content or precision.

Bex Runner does not back any services or products marketed on Bex Runner or in its newsletters.

All new sponsorships and ads, or modifications to sponsorship and advertising plans, go through approval by Bex Runner in its sole discretion.

Bex Runner reserves the right to remove a sponsorship or ad message from the website if Bex Runner chooses (in its sole discretion) that it does not abide by Bex Runner’s requirements or is otherwise objectionable to Bex Runner.

Bex Runner reserves the right to decrease sponsorship or advertising of any kind, and will decline advertising that, in Sports-health’s viewpoint, makes dubious claims of restorative advantage for particular items or treatments, includes incorrect or deceptive details, that is known to be hazardous to health (e.g., tobacco items), or other factors considered objectionable by Bex Runner.