How to choose the best mattress for sportsmen to get good rest

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can lead to or worsen back pain. An ergonomic mattress encourages good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles and generally provides healthy, wholesome sleep.

Of course, there is no such thing as a “perfect” mattress for everyone. It’s important to choose the best mattress that fits your natural sleeping posture. The following are pointers of helping you to choose a great mattress if you are a sportsperson;

Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

The resulting “kink” in your neck can cause postural dysfunction and shut down key hormone production during sleep. Back sleepers will be drawn to firmer mattresses and side sleeper will love the marshmallow-like squish of a soft mattress. For those that just can’t adjust from sleeping on your stomach, try a softer mattress unless you’re broad-shouldered or v-shaped. These sleepers will actually find that firmer mattresses offer their heavier shoulders the support they need so the spine doesn’t sink uncomfortably into a soft mattress.

Look for a mattress that promotes air flow.

As an athlete, your metabolism typically thrums along at a very efficient pace and you may tend to sleep hotter than the general population. To cater to this characteristic, seek beds that are designed to regulate body temperature and wick away excess body heat. Look for beds that promote airflow and use latex rather than memory foam, which has a tendency to trap heat in the dense layers.

Acknowledge your body has different needs at different times.

Some seasons you may need the added support of a firm mattress, at other times a soft mattress is just right. Athletes set back by injury or with recent aches and pains may need a softer surface than usual to accommodate their bodies through recovery. Find a mattress that actually meets your needs and changes as your needs change: because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sleeping.

Invest in a good mattress.

Mattresses fall into the same category as supportive shoes for runners or high-quality helmets for athletes who compete in extreme or contact sports.

Helmets and shoes are pieces of equipment that shape the path of your safety and performance. No one wants to skimp on a helmet! You’ll feel it after mile one if your shoes don’t offer quality support. However, mattress toppers also play an important role in assuring you that you have the best quality sleep you can. Don’t be a fool and spend your money only on the best memory foam mattress topper that is available on the market.

Likewise, the quality of a mattress where you spend a full third of your life is incredibly important. Look for those that are free of poor-quality foam that produces harmful airborne chemicals over time, and seek out brands that are known for quality. It’s worth your money to choose a good mattress.

You can skip the mattress store.

Athletes love efficiency. To be an athlete, you have to fit practice and workouts in normal life. If you’ve ever bought a mattress before: you’ll realize that it is on the opposite end of the efficiency spectrum.

Buying a mattress usually consists of car-salesman pitches, slippery prices, and an impossible market to research and comparison shop. Who has time for that? Your durable hearts can be cheered by the burgeoning bed-in-a-box industry: where you can read reviews, click a few buttons, cut through the chatter, and have a mattress delivered straight to your doorstep with a foolproof return policy. Save your precious time and check out your online options.


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